Hall of Fame


The purpose of the Memphis Rugby Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor those individuals who have attained significant achievement as member of a Memphis rugby team, or those individuals who have significantly, positively and/or uniquely contributed to the development and betterment of the sport of rugby in Memphis.


Classes of Membership

Two classes of individuals are identified for inclusion into the Hall of Fame.

            (a)  Competitors: This class includes all those who, by virtue of their outstanding achievements as players, coaches or referees are deserving of recognition in the Hall of Fame.


             (b) Non-competitors: This class includes all those who are deserving of recognition by virtue of their contributions to the development, growth, support and advancement of the rugby in Memphis without regard to their playing ability.
Selection Criteria


The criteria for selecting individuals to the Hall of Fame in each class are as follows:


(a) Competitors and coaches:

(1) Individuals must have completed a minimum of five (5) years as competitors and been retired as an active player or as the Club’s coach for a minimum of two (2) years (except where extenuating circumstances dictating a lesser number of years can be justified).

(2) Selection should be based on achievement on the field of play and inclusive of any one or more of the following criteria:

·         acknowledged superior skill

·         Establishment of distinctive playing records that have stood the test of time

·         Membership on higher level team(s) after or before playing rugby in                       Memphis.

·         Membership on a Memphis championship team (at any level)

·         Demonstration of sportsmanship of the highest order

·         Longevity of participation that earns respect. (Longevity alone may not be             sufficient for inclusion).


(b) Non-competitors:

Individuals must have served Memphis Rugby a minimum of (5) full years (except where extenuating circumstances dictating a lesser number of years can be justified). The individual must have demonstrated a clear and unselfish dedication to the sport and has enhanced the development or awareness of rugby on a local, regional or national level.


The individual may have served in the capacity of any one or more of the following:

·         Administrator/EC

·         Union/Territorial Leadership

·         Board of Directors of a club or rugby foundation

·         Youth team support

·         Supporter of rugby




    Nominations for membership to the Hall of Fame may be submitted to the Memphis Rugby Foundation (MRF) BOD for its consideration (see form below).

    Nominations should be submitted to the Memphis Rugby Foundation secretary/treasurer no later than August 1 to be considered for induction during that year’s banquet.


Submit Nominations to:

Richard Cole


2845 Summer Oaks Drive

Memphis, TN  38134

FX: 901-373-4570


David Hill,
May 15, 2014, 11:56 AM