USA Stadium usage rules

The rugby fields at USA Stadium are leased to th Memohis Rugby Foundation by the city of Millington. We have exclude use of the fieds except for city wide events when given at least 60 days notice. Member clubs nay use the fields for per-season scrimmages, regular season games and playoffs. Member teams may rent a fied forvspecialneventsvsuchbasvfundraisers. Cher

Checks will be made to The Emphis Rugby Foundation

The fields shall be set up iaw rib laws and as directed by the faciKities director

Guidelines - the first home team of the day will be responsible for setup. Setup includes putting on goal post pads, erecting sideline ropes 10 m from each sideline
E, installing field flags and checking the entire rugby area for safety and clean
Nosiness. All setup shall be completed no later than 30 minutes prior to thr
E scheduled kick-off